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Cliffton Falls Reference by ButtsForCharity
Cliffton Falls Reference

Name: Cliffton Falls

Age: 140 (Appears to be late 30s)

Gender: Male

Height: 6’6”

Alias: Cliff

Affiliation: Civilian

Personality: At first, Cliff appears to be full of grump and not much else. He’ll complain about anything and everything, but will do tasks that need to be done, and if you’re someone he likes, he’ll do it with a secret smile. He’s very gentle and doting to those he cares about, and he’ll protect them with all he’s got. 

Cliff is very touchy feely, almost starved for attention. He likes to be in contact with at least one person that he likes. For example, having his hand on their shoulder, stroking their hair, and having his tail wrapped around their ankle. He feeds off of tiny bursts of emotion during these actions, but feels guilty about it. He also avoids mirrors, hating his own appearance, thinking himself as a monster.

History: Born during the 1890s on Hezsc, Cliff grew up in a broken household. His father left the day he was born, and his mother resented him for that. She didn’t necessarily abuse him, she just neglected him. He left home as soon as he was able at age 18. He got himself into an apprenticeship with a master printer and moved into his master’s small house to help the aging man. Over the years, Cliff developed his skills, and when the old man passed, he took control of his press shop.

A few years before his death, Cliff fell into lust with a young, married woman. The young woman was dissatisfied with her husband and agreed to a fling with Cliff. They met up regularly, usually when her husband was out on business. They were caught in the act eventually, of course. The husband challenged him to a duel for her honor. Which Cliff lost.

He awoke deep in the pit, dehydrating almost immediately from the heat, his wound still leaking blood. He couldn’t move and it took days until someone approached him. The figure gave him two options, being thrown to the dogs, or, change himself and have a shot at making a new life.

Cliff took the second.

A century later, after losing his human shape while in the hell plane, he had enough of the environment and reached out to the veil, the area between planes, to find someone, anyone to help him back into the world. He found a young medium named Hayden and with her help, he was summoned back onto the earthly plane.


Major Power: 

Pyrokinesis. He can generate and control fire with precision. He can create a tiny, superheated flame to weld metals together or a large, warm bonfire.

Minor Powers:

Physical Attributes: Sharp teeth, retractable claws, spikes that grow from his spine.

Shape Shifting: He can take a pretty decent human form, looking as he did before death. He typically only holds onto it when he goes out in public as to prevent a panic. However, mirrors still reflect his demonic appearance.


- Hates the cold. He’s been in a very hot environment for the past century, so anything under 70 degrees fahrenheit is too cold for him. If he is not wearing anything insulating, he will be slow, grumpy, and less precise with his flame.

- He is bound to an item in Hayden’s possession through the ritual that summoned him back to this plane. Should that item be stolen, he would be under another’s control and if it were to be broken, he would be sent back to hell.

- He is not immune to death, and will be sent right back to the pit.


- He is an incubus. He feeds off of life force energy of humanoids during intimate moments. He has become a spa specialist.

- Along the same lines, he has sort of  a charisma about him. It comes from his incubi pheromones, making people more likely to feel comfortable around him.

- He hates the way he looks. He believes he is a monster, so he avoids mirrors as to not see his own reflection.

- He smokes cigarrettes.



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So I got an email two days ago telling me about something interesting.

Someone has claimed my Slenderman drawing from 2010 as their own again. And this time, they didn't flip it, color it and filter it this time. Just a slapped it into a file and called it done.

It was for a t-shirt contest in Mexico.

A link to the facebook comment thread.

I don't read spanish, so I can't tell exactly what they're talking about, so it's still difficult with a translator.

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